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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Christmas used to be my favourite time of year. As a child Christmas meant spending time with my Grandparents, and then the whole family would gather together and celebrate their ‘togetherness’ before heading back out into the world for another 12 months.

After my Grandfather passed away the family stopped getting together and communication between all the different members disintegrated and has now all but disappeared.

In spite of this, (or perhaps because of it?), I have always worked hard to make sure Christmas is a special time for my own family, i.e my daughter and my partner. Over the years it has become a time of relaxation and reconnection with each other – in much the same way it used to be for the extended family when I was a child.

But this year it’s different. It doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I am sure we will enjoy our time together, as we normally do, but this year I haven’t had the time or the finances to really get into the spirit of things and prepare all the little things that make Christmas Day special for us.

So, while I am busy trying to get things done at the last-minute, I would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, and send best wishes for the year ahead.

2012 will hopefully see the long-awaited completion of the first draft of my novel, more regular posts and short stories on this blog, and, with fingers strongly crossed, I hope to get a journal-style blog up and running in the next few weeks so I can share some thoughts on general topics, while keeping this blog dedicated to my fiction writing.