Don’t come here to get off

Online paedophiles

A message to online paedophiles

In this amazing age of technology in which we live, those of us who choose to put ourselves ‘out there’ on the internet by blogging about our lives, now have access to some amazing analytical tools that tell us all sorts of things about the people who visit our pages.

There are many people, just like me, who are using blogs to share our experience of sexual and psychological trauma as a child, in the hope that we might not only help others who have had similar experiences, but also to break the silence that enables perpetrators to keep abusing children.

Unfortunately, the nature of what we write about can attract those people who find enjoyment in the sexual abuse of children.

If you have come to my website in the hope of a few jollies from reading about the specifics of child sexual abuse, you are going to be bitterly disappointed on two counts:

  1. Although I write about the impacts of child sexual abuse, I do not write all of the gory, step-by-step, details of what happened to me; and
  2. In Australia, we are able to report the IP addresses of those who arrive at our websites by using inappropriate search terms (which we have access to, thanks to those wonderful analytic tools I spoke of earlier).

Have a nice day!

6 responses to “Don’t come here to get off

  1. It’s disgusting that someone would do that. I never thought of it this way 😦 Maybe I should tone my blog down a notch. :/

    • When I was going through my ‘dark years’ it was the thought of someone reading about my pain and getting off on it that held me back from writing publicly. I was reminded of this happening when I was checking the searches that my blog came up in. I’m not sure where you are in the world, but it might help to see if, like here, you can report such behaviour. For myself, I was abused long enough, and abused myself long enough, that it is now time to stand up and smash the silence to smithereens. So, if they want to arrive here on inappropriate search terms looking for a bit of ‘fun’ their actions will have consequences.

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. Just came here to see what you write about. Looks like you play an important role in the blogosphere. I hope you and others find peace. πŸ™‚ . Trauma is challenging. I can’t day I’ve experienced what you have so I won’t pretend to understand (i have experienced different traumas) just wanted to say hi and thanks for reading my stories.

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