Please don’t make me go to bed,

the night is just too scary,

I’ll sleep tomorrow, in the light,

when I won’t be so wary.


I close my eyes and lay my head

down softly on the pillow,

but darkness brings the pain again,

like bathing with a brillo.


His touch, his smell and memory

is too much for me to bear.

So, out of bed, no sleep tonight

For I sense him everywhere.

3 responses to “Insomnia

  1. My apologies, I forgot to send you the link to accept your Brave Heart Award.

    *many hugs*


    Please go to this link to read how to accept your award.

  2. It’s 3am where I am now, the light will stay on because this is almost exactly what I feel. Thank you. 🙂

    • There is nothing worse than being totally exhausted, getting into bed, but as soon as you close your eyes all of the images, sounds, smells, etc., start swarming through your mind. I don’t know why this is not as bad for me during daylight hours.

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