A loss of creativity

Unable to think outside the box

Have you ever read something that you have written years after you wrote it and wondered, “Where on earth did that come from?  Did I really write that?”

That happened to me earlier tonight.  I was looking back at some of my very  early writing and while reading one short story had no recollection of writing it.  If it hadn’t been a rough draft in my own handwriting I would have thought someone else had written it.

Normally when I read stories or articles I have written I get memories of where I was sitting, what I was thinking, where the inspiration came from etc, but for this piece I have a complete blank.  Why would that be?

Anyway, going back over some of my old stuff will hopefully inspire me to write some new stories.  I have been overwhelmed by emotional issues for quite some time now, and as a result have been on medication which I believe has hindered my creativity.  Oh, I still get ideas, but instead of being sparks that last long enough to be fanned into something more substantial, these are like instantaneous flashes that die and fall away before there is any chance of moulding them into anything useful.

Now that I can acknowledge my lack of creativity and the possible cause of it, I hope to formulate a plan to get me back into some kind of writing routine.  I miss writing, a lot, and I really want to get back on track – I’m just not sure how to do that yet.

So, while I’m trying my best to get some kind of story down, you will probably see a few more contributions from my unbelievably talented young cousin, Lucinda.

9 responses to “A loss of creativity

  1. There are a lot of flash fiction challenges out there. A possible spark to ignite the flame for you?
    Keep on trying, and good luck.

  2. Looking forward to it!

  3. There is so much more now to interfere. I sit to write and get distracted so easily by Twitter, FB, other blogs (like right now) So much to take in that it’s hard to quiet down a little and write. Great blog.

    Karen V. Wasylowski Blog

    • Thank you Karen. Yes, the computer itself can be a distraction, particularly for people like me who are prone to procrastination 🙂

  4. Couldn’t find your other blog. And no new posts here too. Busy?

    • Sorry, AJ 😦 Life has been testing my limits and I have been in some dark place for a while now, but I am slowly coming to the other side. I have taken a step back from the online world to focus my attention on a new novel – hopefully the first draft will be completed by November. I will be back – I just need some time to regenerate.

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