Immobilized by doubt

It seems like forever since I wrote anything.  I have been under the weather, and that has been my excuse for the last two weeks, but if I am honest, my lack of writing is due to a completely different reason.  I seem to have lost confidence in my writing.

Every time I go to write, I am plagued by endless doubts  – does what I write make sense, my grammar isn’t correct, my use of punctuation is often not correct, why would anyone want to read this stuff anyway?

Today I decided to write anyway.  So what if it doesn’t make sense, and who cares if all my doubts are true?  Isn’t my love of writing the most important thing?

I’m not going to ask any more questions for fear that it will send me off on another battle with my writing insecurities.

I’m off to write instead.

3 responses to “Doubts

  1. Keep on writing….doesn’t matter what anyone thinks…doesn’t matter if the punctuation, spelling, grammar isn’t right…all that matters is that you write what’s in YOUR heart… and if you touch someone along the way then woo hoooo kudos to you…..keep writing…you’re touching me xoxoxo

  2. Hi Phoenix! Honest opinion here? All the grammar, etc, is important but only to a measure. The greatest question I think people wonder about is what they are bringing to the table, is it interesting and intriguing to read? There’s nothing worst then professionally written work and yet there’s no life or passion in the piece. Also if you’re going for publication you can seek out an editor to advise you how to polish certain things up later, which a lot of writers do anyway.

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