The Sad Side Of Stubborn

This is the result of an unedited, ten minute warm-up exercise.

Danae had always had a close and loving relationship with her mother.  However, their relationship changed when Danae’s boyfriend was killed in a car accident six months ago and Danae found out she was pregnant ten days later.  Danae’s mother, Marjorie, suggested Danae move back home until the baby was born, but Danae had flatly refused the offer, and since then had hardly spoken to her mother.

Now, sitting at the top of the stairs in her newly rented town-house, Danae was regretting her head-strong ways.  “What have I done?” she asked herself, as she covered her face with her hands and started to cry.  “Why did I push everyone away?  Why didn’t I listen to Mum?”

Danae sat there, with her head bowed and tears streaming down her face for almost half an hour.  She was brought out of her period of self-questioning by her baby moving inside her.  To Danae it seemed that the baby was trying to tell her something.

“You’re right!” Danae exclaimed after the baby kicked again, harder than before.  “I can’t just sit here feeling sorry for myself and dwelling on my mistakes.  I need to do something, get moving, and take some positive action.  Thanks Baby.”

Carefully making her way down the stairs, Danae once more rued her stubborn streak.  It had landed her in trouble more than once over the years, but this time it may have cost her more than she could bear to lose if she couldn’t work things out with her mother.

Picking up the phone, Danae dialled the only phone number she knew by heart.  Her heart was pounding as she waited for her mother to answer.

“Hello?” an unfamiliar voice answered.

“Er, who is this?” Danae asked.

“It’s Ted.  I’m Marjorie’s neighbour.  Who is this?”

“Oh, Ted, I didn’t recognise your voice.  It’s Danae, Marjorie’s daughter.  Is Mum there?”

“I’m sorry, Danae,” Ted said in a sincere voice.  “I was just trying to find your number.  Your mum was taken to hospital about five minutes ago.  She’s had a stroke.”

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